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Are you under the CalSTRS 2% at 60 benefit structure?  
Members under this benefit structure include those first hired on or before December 31, 2012 to perform CalSTRS creditable activities or who performed CalSTRS creditable activities under a different retirement system, including Social Security.





For example, 1.125 or 0.5.



Amount due as of request date (CalSTRS 2% at 60 benefit structure):



Do not send any payments based on these calculations. Any payments received by CalSTRS without an official billing and an established receivable account will result in monies returned to sender.

The contribution rate is changed periodically by the Teachers' Retirement Board to reflect changes in the cost of benefits by the Defined Benefit Program. Additional regular interest will be added to the cost of this purchase if you are not a current contributing member of the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program.

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Statutory changes are made from time to time that affect CalSTRS benefits and that may affect any decisions you make in relation to those benefits. These changes are made by the California Legislature and the Governor. Although CalSTRS makes every effort to keep its members informed about changes in its benefit structure, it cannot safely predict what the Legislature and Governor may do that might be of interest to you. For this reason, you should keep yourself informed about possible benefit changes by consulting this website, CalSTRS Member Services at 800-228-5453, your union representative (if applicable), your legislative representative, or any other source that you believe may be helpful to you before you make any final decision. You are ultimately responsible for any decision you make in regard to your CalSTRS benefits.

To obtain actual costs to purchase additional service credit, you must submit the necessary form to request a billing statement.